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bonnet catch.jpg (31309 bytes) Body Original bonnet to land brackets  
tail.jpg (32568 bytes) Body Original tail 
original t35 bonnet.jpg (53380 bytes) Body Original bonnet 
Rear under tray.jpg (75323 bytes) Body Original rear undertray 
rh shut panel.jpg (27859 bytes) Body Original rh bonnet shut panel 
steel fire wall.jpg (45318 bytes) Body Original steel firewall
alumium bulkhead firewall.jpg (108070 bytes) Body Original aluminum firewall/bulkhead panel
spare wheel leather straps.jpg (11236 bytes) Body Original or old leather spare wheel straps
spare wheel carrier.jpg (51132 bytes) Body Original spare wheel support
handbrake.jpg (12592 bytes) Brakes Original hand brake lever
hand brake cross shaft support lh b.jpg (65942 bytes) Brakes Original hand brake shaft bracket
hand brake operating lever.jpg (17654 bytes) Brakes Original hand brake operating lever
brake cross shaft bracket 2.jpg (13033 bytes) Brakes Original brake cross shaft bracket
rear chassis lower member.jpg (29464 bytes) Chassis Original Molsheim rear lower chassis member
fuel tank ash supports.jpg (19324 bytes) Chassis Fuel tank ash supports
clutch thing.jpg (6331 bytes) Clutch Original Fulcrum For Clutch Yoke
clutch tray.jpg (16171 bytes) Clutch Original clutch tray
bugatti oil gauge 1kg.jpg (15524 bytes) Dash Original Huile / Oil pressure gauge
air tap cluster.jpg (20753 bytes) Dash Air tap cluster
throttle linkage.jpg (46467 bytes) Engine Original throttle linkage
throttle pedal.jpg (71921 bytes) Engine Original accelerator pedal
bugatti engine sump casting 1.jpg (24389 bytes) Engine Original 8 cylinder numbered sump - would consider type 43
cambox.jpg (21355 bytes) Engine Original 8 cylinder cam box. 
cam shaft gear with airpump cam.jpg (7198 bytes) Engine Original / new camshaft gear with air pump cam.
top bevel gear for vertical drive.jpg (7265 bytes) Engine Original / new top bevel gear for vertical drive. 
t35 oil breather mount.jpg (15667 bytes) Engine Original engine breather
t35 inlet manifolds.jpg (16376 bytes) Engine Original inlet manifold
gear selector gate.jpg (4113 bytes) Gearbox Original gearbox gate
gp gearbox lid.jpg (102769 bytes) Gearbox Original gearbox lid
gearbox filler cap.jpg (22762 bytes) Gearbox Original gearbox filler plug
bosch fh8 magneto.jpg (16103 bytes) Ignition Original Bosch FH8 magneto
sev HR8.jpg (25742 bytes) Ignition Original SEV HR8 magneto
bosch hl8 magento cap.jpg (48291 bytes) Ignition Original or repro Bosch HL8 magneto cap
advance retard support.jpg (62617 bytes) Ignition Original advance / retard support
advance and retard drive flange.jpg (88168 bytes) Ignition Original advance / retard drive flange 
step up drive flange 2.jpg (84063 bytes) Ignition Original step up drive flange (step up side) 
step up drive spacer.jpg (84625 bytes) Ignition Original step up drive steel spacer 
Ignition Original boss (wooden or bakelite) for plug lead tube
cav tail light to match.jpg (57599 bytes) Lights CAV "model AT" tail lights (to match one I already have)
marchal tail lights.jpg (114119 bytes) Lights Marchal tail lights (or similar)
rear shock absorber tube.jpg (15426 bytes) Rear Axle Original rear shock absorber tube
spring hanger cap.jpg (11128 bytes) Front Axle Original pair of front spring hanger end plates
front springs.jpg (115674 bytes) Front Axle Original front springs
GP steering box.jpg (55346 bytes) Steering Original GP steering box casing (or just main casing)
steering coupling.jpg (16863 bytes) Steering Original steering coupling
nuts & bolts.jpg (27545 bytes) Other Original nuts and bolts
bugantics vol 9 no 1.jpg (29996 bytes) bugantics vol 9 no 2.jpg (28255 bytes) bugantics vol 9 no 3.jpg (28372 bytes) bugantics vol 9 no 4.jpg (27726 bytes) bugantics vol 9 no 5.jpg (27251 bytes) bugantics vol 19 no 4.jpg (25221 bytes) Other

To complete my Bugantics collection:-

Year        Vol    No
1946        9         1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
1956       19        4

? Other Any other original parts (however small)